Sunday, 19 May 2013


I love tulips!
In particular, I liked the black ones
 that were growing in my garden in North Wales.
But whatever colour...they are the flowers that I regularly buy my Mum...

When I first came to Abu Dhabi about 7 years ago, I joined a card making group.
 One of the first stamps I saw there, was this 'Terrific Tulips' -
 a Two Step Stampin' Set from Stampin' Up (2001).
Of course it was discontinued - I had to get mine on ebay...

With it you can stamp in two steps to produce flowers like this...


And this is the simple card I made way back then...

Of course, since then  I have discovered triple step stamp sets like the ones from 'Kitchen Sink'.
 This is a slider card I made with 'black' tulips using their stamps.

Tulip ribbon - I found this in Lincraft in Australia some years ago - and I still have a little left...

 Which takes us to this sketch...

And my take on it...

What do you think?

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Pretty tulips.... I love the two-step stamping too!


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