Monday, 21 October 2013

Recent crafting...

Well not a lot really...
Those of you who know me may think this odd...
but I left Abu Dhabi (and all my stuff) at the beginning of July.
Almost 4 months later and I am about to start a new adventure in India!
(And I will have to set up a new craft room!)

Anyway what have I done recently? A few cards that I have already posted.
A few ATC's (and I am just making a set with a Hallowe'en theme)...

'Babies' in August - I used various 'bargain' items that I found locally in Derby and Long Eaton.

'Flora and Fauna' in September - here I used a stamp I bought in Aberdeen with a variety of pretty paper backgrounds

Sophie and I made sheep brooches one morning...

Sophie also helped out with a 'bargain' I had bought at the craft exhibition in Knaresborough. It was a fancy stapler with staples - the whole lot only cost 2 pounds but then I couldn't make it work. Sophie soon worked it out...

The only card I have made recently is the following art deco one.
 I used a stepper blank with various pictures that I printed out.

Hopefully I will post more soon!
Happy Crafting!!

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