Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Background paper with a 'watermark'

My friend Stella asked for instructions on this - so here goes Stella...

 Choose a selection of inks with which you wish to distress your piece of cardstock. Here I used Tim Holtz ink pads but others would be equally effective.
 Taking each colour in turn apply to the card, remembering to use circular movements and to start on the mat to prevent hard lines within the finished product.
 Choose a stamp - I have a medallion type here. 'Ink' it with embossing ink such as Versamark or Perfect Medium. You will see the stamp take on a shine. Then spritz the stamp with water.
 Apply the stamp to the cardstock with firm and even pressure. Dry with a heat gun.
You can now use the prepared cardstock as a background.

I used my 'topnote' die in the Bigshot, once on the 'watermarked' paper and once in a contrasting paper. I trimmed the former to give a small contrasting border. This was then stuck on a matching paper on a folded card. I then embellished with Tim Holtz rosettes, buttons and a bow.

This time after putting the 'watermarked' paper through the Bigshot I just used half of it adhered to a toning paper. I added ribbon, rosettes and flowers...

Hope you'll have a go, Stella  (in your new craft room!) and send me pics!!

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