Monday, 16 December 2013

Big Crafting!

During the last 7 or 8 years, while my husband and I lived in Abu Dhabi,
we were involved in Abu Dhabi Dramatic Society.

We did perform on stage but our main occupation for ADDS was backstage, providing props and set building...

I thought I would share some of our favourite makes!!

This year's pantomime has just been performed in Abu Dhabi - without us! -
 but that made me think about last year.
This picture shows me ironing some fabric to start making the coach for Cinderella.

And here is the finished article - a sort of stretch-limo kind of coach. Pulled of course by a camel - we WERE in Abu Dhabi! And this is where Kevin and I were involved again!!

We often needed puppets or props made from papier mache for the pantos.

But I was very pleased with this 'scissors in the back' prop that I made for one play...

...and I loved doing this 'big stamping' for the set of another!

Some of our favourite FX used dry ice - here we have 'smoking shoes'!

I wish I could find the video of our tightrope walker...a stuffed pair of pink tights wearing ballet shoes 'walked' across a tight rope! All done with fishing wire!

But this had to be our finest hour...the pantomime shark which Kevin and I both got inside and frightened the kids!!

Happy Crafting!!

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