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Monday 5 April 2021

Blog Along with Effy - Post Three

Yesterday I didn't get near the computer. 
It was Easter Sunday and also my Birthday - we were lucky enough to have some of the family around (unlike last year when we were in lock down).  

When I saw Effy's Blog Along I thought I would make some 'diary' posts, along with some of the journal pages I have been pleased with. I thought the above was quite appropriate for yesterday. I did this journal page after seeing a picture of something similar on Facebook - and this was my version using shimmer water colours and penwork.

I still intend trying to do 30 posts within the 30 days of April but already I will have to do some catch up...

Anyway, off I go down Memory Lane again...

I was born on April 4th 1952, in England. The story goes that I was expected on April 1st but Mum was still waiting three days later. However a family party with lots of laughter on the 4th meant she was soon off in an ambulance... She was booked in at a maternity home in Derbyshire but the ambulance only got as far as Derby City Hospital where I was born in the 'waiting room'. I was then bundled up in a blanket with Mum and moved on to the nursing home - where Mum was not in best books, as they were waiting for a birth!

Mum always told me of an Irish lady who was in the same ward, whose baby had been born on the 1st. She would have none of it and registered her as being born on the 2nd!

There had been much talk about my name - I was to be Bridget (but Bridget Willatt - my maiden name - was a bit of a mouthful), then it said Jennifer on my little band in the hospital. But Dad came back from the Registrar saying 'I have named the baby Susan'...

Dad would cycle each evening to see Mum and me, quite a long way apparently. The weather was not good so often he would be wet through - and so would be given a cup of tea by the nurses before going onto the ward.

Mum said 'It was snowing the day that you were born and when you and I eventually arrived at the Cottage Hospital in Wirksworth someone had had to clear the snow so that the stretcher we were on could be carried from the Ambulance . Dad cycled every evening to see us and it rained or snowed on every trip .The only day that he came on the bus was a Sunday afternoon when he brought Grandad, and Grandad gave me an umbrella as a new baby gift. The day we came home there was 10 inches of snow along the road side and beautiful bright Hyacynths were pushing up through it.


My Dad's Birthday was March 27th (27~03~27) and so often we would have shared Birthday parties - in particular I remember when we were 25 and 50 and when we were 44 and 69. Strange to think that I am now 69!

My niece Caroline was born on April 1st and another memorable party was when we were 25, 60 and 85! Our Birthdays have always fallen around Easter time. Mum always made Caroline a Simnel cake for her Birthday and later I would give a hand.

My favourite cake would be an orange one - My Grandma would always make me one. Grandma's cakes would always be decorated with anything she had to hand (occasionally salted peanuts) but she did love a bit of angelica. Mum took over making me orange cakes - this was 4 or 5 years ago...

But... my Dad made the best hot cross buns. My husband Kevin and I made some for this Easter:

Pretty good but not like my Dad's!
My sister has just sent me my Mum's old cook book which has his recipe in. This book has a story too. A travelling salesman knocked on the door and persuaded Mum to buy it at 2 shillings and sixpence per week for a number of weeks. Dad was not very happy as 2/6 was a lot of money in those days! Still an excellent book - I love the pictures it it!

(Copies of some of the pages will make excellent ephemera!)

Any way that's all for today... more soon!

To finish another of my shimmery water colour journal pages - with stamping and penwork inspired by Tracy Scott.

Happy Crafting!


  1. What a lovely collection of memories! And now I want cake. :)

  2. This is lovely, great you have all these memories, how lovely that you plan to use the pages as ephemera

  3. oh I love your story! Beautiful journal page!

  4. Happy, happy birthday! My husband's birthday was yesterday and he also turned 69! Our daughter (who lives with us) has a birthday today. Mine is this coming Friday. Birthday whirlwind! Thanks for sharing the story of your birth.

  5. Glad you were able to get together with family for Easter! The cooking photos are excellent and your artwork is lovely too.

  6. What a lovely story of your birth. My son was born a day after my dad's 50th birthday. My dad will be 80 next year and my son will be 30. I love that they share this special bond around their birthday.


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