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Tuesday 27 April 2021

Blog Along with Effy - Post Twenty Seven

As you know I like trees...

If you have been reading some of my April posts you will know that when I saw
Effy's Blog Along I thought I would share some 'diary' posts, along with some of the crafty things I have been doing.

When I saw the Niamh Baly workshop that starts with that tree page I thought I would have to do it...It is an 8 page creation involving paint and lots of cutting. I painted the pages rather a long while ago and put the washi in place. In fact it was such a long while ago I am not sure if the washi will come off now!

Anyway today I started cutting and I have got through quite a few pages.

The figures I used are from BeeArty and the stamps I used are a set by Tracy Scott. Hopefull I will be able to show you a bit further tomorrow...

I was doing this on the dining room table and it got me thinking about craft rooms. Where is your crafty space? We have bought a plot of land and are thinking about the design of our new house - obviously my craft area is pretty important!

I think I only started having a designated craft room when we became expats and I was pretty much retired.

In Hong Kong, our various apartments were pretty small. In fact I cannot have had the large amount of craft materials that I do now! This was when we started eating out a lot of the time - putting on the oven would heat up the whole apartment. I was still working full time so didn't have a lot of time for crafting.

In Abu Dhabi, I did have a room for all my stash but it was storage rather than a working area. I used to use the dining room table. This was where I would have get togethers with my crafty friends and also teach a card making class.

I had two friends in Abu Dhabi whose craft rooms were to die for... I would visit and drool!

In India, I was fortunate enough to have a craft room with space for a large table in the centre, shelving all the way round and spaces for my computer, printer and various crafting machines.

In 2014, we went back to the UK and rented a tiny little house in walking distance of my parents. My craft room was the smallest bedroom and I managed...
We bought a house not far from this and my craft room then was a large bedroom with en suite. This bathroom was so useful for drying things like pours - and also I had the washbasin to hand. The room itself was set up around a central table which was perfect!

Then 15 months ago we came back to Australia to live. Initially we stayed with our daughter - for rather a long time as it happened because Covid hit! I rather took over one area of her living area!

Kevin says I cover any available horizontal surface!

We moved to our current house (a rental) when our shipping arrived from the UK. This was to be my craft room:

Of the 50 boxes that we brought from the UK, half of them were crafty stuff!!

A year on - it is not quite so tidy! And I have discovered I have to extend all over the house!! The main extra is my messy area in the utility room - this bedroom has carpet! I was doing the cutting above on the dining room table. Sophie and I often commandeer this, or the kitchen...

And then there is my drying area in the hall...

In the centre you see my spray box, made from some packaging...

All for now - see you tomorrow!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Your travels are amazing, I love the trees, and I understand taking over the house! I have my leather working studio in my bedroom (a perk of singlehood), and do painting and art journaling in the kitchen.

  2. Thanks for the tour!
    I have an office desk i commandeered for art space, it used to be for the paperwork part of my business, but the art has taken over haha. I converted my dining room as my aromatherapy mixing office, and half the living room for art.

  3. Your tree project is gorgeous! I also love hearing about others crafty places and how they make it work. Mine is my daughter's old bedroom. When she moved out for college I took it over quicker than you could blink. My husband installed a murphy bed and put my art desk up on casters so I could easily convert it back to a bedroom when she was home for breaks.

  4. What a fabulous peek at your space!

  5. I LOVE your trees! I was fascinated about all the places you've lived. I'd love to read a blog about that. Your craft places are interesting too. Thank you for sharing. I am going to play with trees, you inspired me.

  6. When I was scrapbooking, I didn't have a space. I commandeered the dining room table often much to the then spouse's dislike. I acquired a 6 foot folding table when I was doing craft fairs and would sometimes use that instead. But if I left my work out, he didn't like it.
    Where I am now, I had a corner of my bedroom at first as my creative space. But a few months ago I was given the spare bedroom as my art cave and rescue moved her sewing room out the RV. Which she has really made into a cute creative space for herself. We both just need to get into our craft caves more often.
    And I LOVE your trees!!

  7. Ohhhh love the spreads. I also absolutely love that you have to spread out across the house with your creating hahaha I don't know why this appeals to me so much.

  8. So really you have a craft house rather than a craft room lol. Things do seem to spread to any available flat surface don't they? The large bedroom with ensuite sounds perfect, so handy to have a sink near to all the action! I am in the process of moving the craft room to give me more space because it's always in short supply, right?


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